5 Must-Have Tools for Spring Gardening

Spring is upon us! Whether you’ve already broken out your short-sleeved shirts or you’re trudging through the final days of winter with a parka on, know that spring is right around the corner. Spring is a magical time of year, between the bright sunshine, the singing birds and the blooming flowers popping up left and right. If you’re an avid gardener, you’re certainly excited for the next few months, as those first baby buds blossom into myriad colors at the spring border.

Don’t let this season slip by without bringing your garden up to its full potential. In order to ensure your garden blossoms into the wonderland it could be, make sure you have all the right tools for tending. Here’s our list of the five best garden tools for spring.

1. Good Gardening Attire

Spring means warmer temperatures and wetter climates. To adapt to this change, you’ll need the right gear to help you stay out trimming your hedges even as the thermometer creeps up. Invest in a good hat that gives you adequate sun coverage, sturdy gardening gloves to protect your hand, and a great pair of gardening shoes. Your shoes should have a strong sole and should stay on your feet when you’re plodding through wet soil. They should also be easy to clean since you’ll probably get pretty muddy with every trip to the garden. Avoid open-toed shoes like Chacos and Tevas – while these sandals stay on your feet in sticky soil, you don’t want manure and pebbles getting stuck between your toes. A close-toed shoe that’s super waterproof, like this one from Sloggers, works perfectly in the garden and can easily be hosed off and left out to dry afterward.

2. Dependable Digging Devices

Don’t you hate when you dig into a pile and your spade’s handle bends right under the weight of the soil? Try to invest in quality spades and shovels to avoid this annoyance. While the bargain on a cheap spade can be tempting, spending a few more dollars on a sturdier option, like this spade with a stainless steel base & blade, can save you a lot of headaches in the future. Plus, it comes with a comfortable, cushioned handle and a soft rubber grip.

3. A Multitasking Knife

Some people overlook the importance of a good knife in their gardening tool kits. This is a big mistake. A good knife can be the most useful tool in your garden simply because of its versatility. Use it for spot pruning, opening new bags of soil, cutting weeds – whatever you need. The key is getting a good knife with a serrated edge to maximize its capabilities. This pruning blade from Mintcraft has a hardened steel blade with saw teeth and a soft grip handle. It even folds into itself to safely cover the blade when it is not in use and make it easy to store. So lightweight, so compact and oh so useful.

4. Pruners

This is a no-brainer – if you’re not crazy about your pruners, a new pair should be your first purchase. Keep in mind that pruners can go dull after a few years of use, and better pruning might be as simple as investing in a new, sharper pair. These 8-inch pruning shears from Mintcraft cut easily and come with cushioned grip handles to ease the impact on your hands. They also have a convenient hanging hole for storage. Pruners are so easy to put down and misplace, which can be especially dangerous if you have any kids around the garden. Find ones that are easy to store and keep track of.

5. Garden Rake

Garden rakes are a year-round must-have, but they get most of their love in the spring when we prep the soil in our vegetable garden for a successful harvest. Outside of that purpose, however, garden rakes are incredibly useful and can be used for everything from leveling mulch to breaking hard-packed soil and removing unsightly moss. This rake from Structron has a 60-inch handle to help you rake hard-to-reach edges of your garden without having to step on your plants.

All of these tools are necessary garden staples, but if you really want your precious garden to reach its full potential this spring, don’t skip out on any of them. Remember, the key to a beautiful garden is discipline – you can’t cut any corners! Which of these essential gardening tools can you not live without? Let us know in the comments!


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