Choosing the Right Cordless Power Drill for You

Have you recently purchased a home? Do you enjoy doing DIY projects around the house? Whether you buy or rent, you probably want to consider investing in a cordless power drill. While not a necessity, a cordless power drill makes life a whole lot easier - even for small projects like hanging pictures on the wall or assembling that new IKEA bureau (trust us, there are a ton of screws in those kits). And for bigger projects, like renovations or installations, a power drill is practically a must.

So let’s say you’re ready to bring home a power drill - how do you know which one to pick? There are plenty of options to choose from, so you’ll want to narrow it down to find the best cordless power drill for you. Keep reading for some guidance on how to decide.

Getting the Right Voltage The battery voltage of a drill determines the drill’s power. Voltage can range from 6V all the way up to 36V. Drills on the lower end of the spectrum will be lighter in weight, but won’t have as much power and…

How To Keep Your Home Well Insulated this Summer

This summer, the recent heat waves across the country have definitely made a lot of people uncomfortable outdoors and high temperatures do not appear to be going away any time soon. Because the hot air and heat from the sun can actually raise your home’s indoor temperature, it’s important to ensure your house has proper insulation. Not only will this save you from having to crank up the AC and pay higher electricity bills, it will also help to relieve you during the winter when the dropping temperatures threaten to freeze the water in your pipes and leave you huddled up, teeth chattering.

Fortunately, making sure your home is well-insulated is not as hard as it sounds, and being proactive about it will pay off handsomely in the long term. Read on for some tips on how to insulate your home, what materials you will need and any extra considerations you should make.

Keeping your house cold when it’s scorching hot outside (or keeping your house warm when it’s freezing outside) is all abo…

Top Homemade Fruit Desserts This Summer

Summer is in full swing, and with it, the season of fresh, flavorful fruit to indulge in with gusto! While it may be too hot for elaborate home-cooked meals, that doesn’t mean your oven is going to prove useless for the coming months. As much as we love sweet summer fruit straight off the stem, there is a wide range of tasty options to make something more from them and create fruit desserts the whole family will love. Here, we’ll explore a few of our favorites!

Gooey Peach Pie This sweet classic never gets old. There are a million great recipes out there, but the key component is catching the peaches at just the right ripeness. You’ll get just a fraction of that delicious taste if the peaches are hard. But you also don’t want them to be too squishy. A little bit of give should be right, but it’s best to wait if you’re in doubt. Our non-stick pie pan will ensure your treat turns out perfectly. Alternatively, if you’re taking it to a party to share, use one of these Eco-Foil disposable…

Tips for Keeping Your Pets Safe in the Summertime

Although summer often means more free time and refreshing swimming trips, it also means that you’ll probably spend more hours under the hot sun. While it may be perfect weather to work on your tan, it’s important to remember that your pets may not be as fond of the sun as you are. Our pets count on us to keep them safe and happy during these hot times. If you’re not sure what to look out for, here are some top summer safety tips for pets.

Always Provide Plenty of Water  The foundation of summer pet safety is undoubtedly keeping your pet hydrated at all times – but especially during the summer months. Whether you’re on the sidelines of a soccer game or just hanging out in the park, having a water bowl filled with clean, cool water is essential for keeping your pets safe in the heat. Just like us, pets need their water to be free of potential pathogens – and no one likes warm water on a hot day – so be sure it’s a refreshing temperature and hasn’t been sitting out for hours. Although m…

A What’s What of Power Lawn Equipment

With summer just around the corner, homeowners all over the country are getting ready for a fun-filled season of block parties, barbecues and backyard play dates. Spring flowers have blossomed, kids are counting down the days until school gets out and the sun grows just a little bit brighter with each passing day.

Preparing your lawn for summer and maintaining it all year doesn’t have to be a chore that reminds you of the pioneer days. Fortunately, power lawn equipment takes the heavy lifting out of caring for your lawn. If you’ve only used manual tools in your yard or garden before, you will be amazed at how much time four of our favorite power lawn equipment can save you.

1.) Lawn Mower Keeping your lawn properly mowed helps it grow healthy, strong and weed-free. Electric lawn mowers allow homeowners to mow large areas at any given time. If you can mow your front yard and backyard on one charge, you and your family can spend more time reconnecting outside all summer long.

2.) Lands…

4 Steps To Growing a Beautiful Lawn

One of the best parts about having a home is making it your own. Whether it’s filling the inside with beautiful furniture or turning your backyard into the ultimate cozy hangout, there are so many possibilities for personalization – and your lawn is one of them. 

Getting the full, green lawn of your dreams may seem like a lot of effort – but with these tips on the best way to plant grass, you’ll be able to grow healthy grass without too much trouble – and become the envy of all your neighbors with the final result. 

1.  Clean Up Any Trash/Debris  If you happen to have unwanted items in your yard, now’s the time to get rid of them. This includes weeds, trash or debris that could be polluting your lawn. This could be anything from small trash items like candy wrappers and bottles to pebbles or wood pieces.

When starting out with a new lawn, even things like big leaves or stones can get in the way of creating a smooth and even surface. If you’re not a big fan of getting your hands dirty…

5 Must-Have Tools for Spring Gardening

Spring is upon us! Whether you’ve already broken out your short-sleeved shirts or you’re trudging through the final days of winter with a parka on, know that spring is right around the corner. Spring is a magical time of year, between the bright sunshine, the singing birds and the blooming flowers popping up left and right. If you’re an avid gardener, you’re certainly excited for the next few months, as those first baby buds blossom into myriad colors at the spring border.

Don’t let this season slip by without bringing your garden up to its full potential. In order to ensure your garden blossoms into the wonderland it could be, make sure you have all the right tools for tending. Here’s our list of the five best garden tools for spring.

1. Good Gardening Attire Spring means warmer temperatures and wetter climates. To adapt to this change, you’ll need the right gear to help you stay out trimming your hedges even as the thermometer creeps up. Invest in a good hat that gives you adequate…