Tips for Keeping Your Pets Safe in the Summertime

Although summer often means more free time and refreshing swimming trips, it also means that you’ll probably spend more hours under the hot sun. While it may be perfect weather to work on your tan, it’s important to remember that your pets may not be as fond of the sun as you are. Our pets count on us to keep them safe and happy during these hot times. If you’re not sure what to look out for, here are some top summer safety tips for pets.

Always Provide Plenty of Water 

The foundation of summer pet safety is undoubtedly keeping your pet hydrated at all times – but especially during the summer months. Whether you’re on the sidelines of a soccer game or just hanging out in the park, having a water bowl filled with clean, cool water is essential for keeping your pets safe in the heat. Just like us, pets need their water to be free of potential pathogens – and no one likes warm water on a hot day – so be sure it’s a refreshing temperature and hasn’t been sitting out for hours. Although many parks may have water fountains, with hundreds of animals drinking from them daily, they may not be the safest choice. Only give your pets water that you would drink yourself!

Stick to Trims 

Although you may be thinking that your dog or cat’s long furry coat is suffocating, their coat of fur can actually help regulate temperature in their body. Depending on the breed, their coat may not only keep them insulated, but it can also protect them from getting sunburned. Even though you should never completely shave off their fur, a little trim is okay for the summer months. Just like we humans get our routine haircuts, you can give your pup or feline a new hairdo for the new season!

Never Leave Them Unattended by a Pool

When summertime comes around, many pets – dogs especially – love to go swimming. However, even if your dog is a born Olympic swimmer, you don’t want to leave it unattended by a pool or any other body of water. When at large public pools and lakes, dogs can easily get lost in the crowd. Keep an eye on your little swimmer in case it gets caught in something or is suddenly unable to swim. This is mainly applicable to natural bodies of water like lakes and streams since there are more potential hazards; however, you’ll want to stay aware in your own backyard as well!

Don’t Go on Walks in the Middle of the Day

On hot, sunny days, a nice long walk with your beloved pet may seem like a good idea. However, keep in mind that the sidewalk is absorbing all the sun’s energy and will likely be very warm. Without a nice pair of sneakers to protect them, your pet’s paws can get burnt. When possible, take walks in the morning or evening when the sun isn’t as powerful.

Know the Signs of Distress

As much as we would love to have full-on conversations with our pets, there’s no way for them to tell us if they’re not feeling good. However, being aware of the signs of heat exhaustion or overheating is vital to keeping your dog safe during hot months. Some clear signs that your animal could use a quick cool down are vomiting, heavy panting/breathing, thick drool or bright-red gums. If you notice any of these symptoms, move your pet to a cooler place immediately. However, make sure that the move is gradual, since a sudden immersion into extremely cold air or water can send its body into shock. 

Go for a Seasonal Checkup

During the season that brings a rise of fleas, ticks and heartworms, getting a seasonal checkup for your pet is always a good idea. Even if your pet seems fine, there’s no harm in a little extra assurance. Vets often prescribe preventative measures that can keep your pet from getting sick during the summer. After all, we can all agree that a healthy pet is a happy one!

Having fun in the sun with your best pal is what makes summer so great. However, the hot days that summertime brings are not always best for your pet. Next time you’re taking out your pet for a day in the sun, use these tips to make sure that you have everything you need to keep your pal safe and happy!


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