Hunting Gear Essentials

Hunting can be a fun, memorable experience – but it’s important to have the right equipment on hand if you want to get the most out of your trip. Preparing yourself with the proper hunting supplies will make your trip more comfortable and more successful. Take some time before you head out to create a plan so you don’t forget anything (or over-pack). Whether you’re a hunting expert or this is your first time, the following hunting essentials guide will help that planning process with a few items you may not know you want for your next adventure.

Tree Steps for Climbing

Tree steps are exactly what they sound like: steps you can use to climb into a tree. Simple, yet genius. As veteran hunters know, being out of sight is often critical to getting close enough to your target – and placing yourself high up in a tree is a great way to do just that. Low branches make climbing high easier, but for those trees without any low branches, the tree step is definitely a must-have. Just screw the tree step(s) in place in the trunk of the tree, and climb up and away to that perfect hiding spot.

Daisy Pellets for Ammo

Daisy pellets are an excellent choice of ammunition for anyone who enjoys hunting small game. For hunting animals such as rabbits, ducks or other creatures of a similar size, .177-caliber pellets like these will get the job done. They’re also the only caliber that can be used for 10-meter target guns. However, .22-caliber pellets are usually the preferred choice for hunters as they tend to be more accurate and provide clean kills consistently. If you’re planning a quick trip, a box of 250 pellets will most likely meet your needs, although double that amount might make sense to allow some practice runs or a longer day out.

Turning It Up a Notch With Slingshots 

Take your next hunting trip to the next level by capturing your target old-school style with a powerful slingshot. This weapon requires increased precision and skill, so be sure to try it out ahead of your next hunting trip. You want to be able to hit practice targets consistently before you get to your next hunting spot to ensure you can kill your prey humanely. You’ll need your slingshot, of course, along with ammo specifically made for slingshots, backup slingshot bands and perhaps a slingshot wrist brace isn’t a bad idea either.

Deer Feed and Scent Bombs

Depending on the regulations in place for your hunting grounds, you may decide to use deer feed to attract your prey (if it’s deer you’re after). Scent bombs are another option for enticing deer, and they come in a variety of options like this Hot Shot Buck Lure.  

Chairs for Keeping Still

It may seem like common sense to some, but make sure you don’t forget to bring a chair on your next hunting excursion. Deer and other wildlife are sensitive to noise – and walking around can be enough to keep them away. This is why staying still for the duration of your hunt is so important – but very tricky. Hence, the chair. Chairs and deer stands will make any hunter’s life that much easier. And a camouflage pattern will ensure your chair doesn’t give away your presence. 

Having the right gear for your next hunting trip will make it much more enjoyable. You won’t need to think about a work-around; instead, you’ll be able to focus on making your next shot. Keep track of what you use on your next trip versus what you wish you’d brought along so you can constantly refine and improve your packing list. Feel free to share with us in the comments below whatever you like to bring along. And happy hunting!


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